Lexi Stock, Marketing Manager, Insurance Associates

We have had the pleasure of working with Golden Helpdesk on several projects including two website redesigns (as well as continued maintenance on the site), several logo creations, and assisting with electronic communication and social media efforts.  As one of our closest partners, we know we can count on them to respond at a moment’s notice to any issue.  Golden Helpdesk always makes us feel like we are their most valued customer and every request is handled quickly and professionally.  The feedback we have been receiving on our new site is incredible as both clients and prospects rave about how attractive, easy to navigate, and integrated it is with our social media and marketing tools.  We cannot recommend Golden Helpdesk enough as they are truly an invaluable asset to our organization.

For more information please contact me directly at 301.315.6785.

Lexi Stock, Marketing Manager
Insurance Associates